Works in Progress

This is an idea I swiped from the Start Your Fiction blog. The exercise of compressing an entire novel plot or concept into a paragraph feels like turning your gloves inside out. The fingers never go, and you end up with a lump.

Feel free to leave a comment or contact me with your thoughts, observations, complaints, or interest in any of the following:

Ferals and Blights 🌞 manuscript complete!
Middle-grader fantasy novel

Gilda’s life is full magic, but she wants to learn more. Majidah is about to sacrifice her life to protect the Five, just as her mother did before her. When Majidah’s father steals Gilda as a substitute, the two girls must find a way to save both their lives.

The Harvest –
Short Story

Una and her brother Tupelo are in a race against time. Tupelo is one of the last males left in a society burning and brutal. Marisol, the daughter of the Governor, befriends Tupelo, but Una suspects there’s more to her interest than games. In trying to cling to her brother, she loses him to Marisol, and then the truth is revealed.

The Language of the Spirit – first draft complete

Spirit has been tasked with saving the Royal line. On their journey, they find another living of their kind and fall in love. When the Prince claims this new magical being as his own, Spirit must learn to overcome loneliness and anger to serve the greater good.

The Little Robber Girl Goes to Sea – complete
Children’s Short Story

Thorn signs on with Blackbeard’s crew and earns her gold earring.

Untitled –
Middle-Grader fantasy novel

Grace is being honored by the twenty-four Hours for her latest invention. Too bad, she’s about to upset all of their careful planning and…time.

Untitled –
Lower middle-grader fantasy

The class is taking the annual field trip to the Wordarium, and Deborah has a plan to get her name back and the respect of the popular girls. When she finds a lost word, her plans to enter the Terror Tunnel take on a whole new meaning.

Poetry Postcards –
Patreon Project

I’m offering my original poetry, handwritten on postcards, as a fun way to connect with my fans and readers through the magic of snail mail. If you’re interested – come sign up! It’s only a dollar, unless you want to give more. In addition to the postcards, there are options for audio, discounts, and signed chapbooks. 

As always, please respect the artistic ownership of these stories and my words. Thank you.