Miscon 32 – Year of Lost Heroes

The theme this year was prescient for 2018, eh? Montana did not let us down. The convention was once again a meeting of like-minded individuals mingling and making a family of strangers. There's a reason we attend this convention every year without fail. You won't find a nicer group of people anywhere. This was the … Continue reading Miscon 32 – Year of Lost Heroes

MisConMT 32 Interlude

This post interrupts our regularly scheduled recipe-sharing about the books that shaped us as we grew up. Hold that thought! Dan and I are headed up to Missoula for a few days of vacation, learning, socializing, and late-but-not-less anniversary fun at the SF&F convention! When I get back, I'll share what I learned with you … Continue reading MisConMT 32 Interlude

Secret Ingredients – 1

I'm starting a new series on here about the books that influenced me growing up. These are the books that shaped my brain. Gave me my fears, values, and passions. The Secret Julie Ingredients! E.B. White I can remember reading The Trumpet of the Swan and being delighted over watercress sandwiches. I can remember the … Continue reading Secret Ingredients – 1

Catching Up

Penultimate - the last but one This is the penultimate post in my experiment with writing an entire first draft in public. I read on the twitters today that whistling in a theater is considered good luck because sailors were often employed as stagehands. They whistled to communicate, and their whistles kept the actors safe … Continue reading Catching Up


*alarms blare* There are only five more installments of the first draft in public! For those of you out there who talk about writing a book or writing more or whatever - you CAN do it! Small bites. Little steps. One foot in front of the other. Good grief, I could write those all day, … Continue reading “We”