The Catalyst – SCBWI meeting

I attended my first local writing group through SCBWI, and whoo! Talk about impostor syndrome. It’s real y’all, and if you experience it, you are, ironically enough, in good company. One of the women who attended is an award-winning illustrator. Now, those of us who aren’t artists believe anyone who can draw more than a … Continue reading The Catalyst – SCBWI meeting

But…how do you pick a lock?

You are steaming along, fingers flying and brain tossing out cool ideas like heroes on horseback and heroines swinging swords, when you realize you've never done either of those things. How heavy is a sword...wait, what KIND of sword? And horses...pffft. [insert despair emoji here] (My biggest pitfall is boats. Aft your starboard and swing … Continue reading But…how do you pick a lock?

Miscon – The Ascension, Part Two

I talked last time about the overall experience I had this year at the convention. Today, I want to share some of the lessons I learned from panels. Family Dynamics (Esther Jones, Maggie Bonham, Danica Waters, and Dean Wells) The most profound of the tidbits was given by Dean Wells. He said, "Family is shorthand … Continue reading Miscon – The Ascension, Part Two