Saturday Show & Tell

Saturday Show and Tell - a showcase of inspiration each week that lit up my creativity and fired my imagination. Enjoy! Metis I'm reading Apollodorus and came across this daughter of the Ocean. I never knew she was the one who provided the "potion" to make Cronos regurgitate his children. I also didn't know she … Continue reading Saturday Show & Tell

Famous Starts With Humble Endings

Famous Starts is a game to spur creativity and inspiration. Choose the first line of famous poems without looking at the next line. Then, write your own next line! Please share your own Famous Starts in the comments! (Credit to Glyn Maxwell for the idea.) For the record, my son was horrified I used comic … Continue reading Famous Starts With Humble Endings

Saturday Show & Tell 12/3/16

December is one of my favorite months, but probably not for the reason you think. I'm not a big holiday/tradition person, so I'm a bit baffled by Christmas carols, gift wrap, and the whole lot of it. I do, however, LOVE end-of-the-year lists and goals, so the next three Saturdays will be all about those. … Continue reading Saturday Show & Tell 12/3/16