A Busy Place

Greetings from Spokane, Washington - the site of the first FanNexus convention. Even though I'm in a different city, gleaning tidbits from authors and artists, playing Katamari Damacy, and generally goofing off, I didn't forget Storytime! I'm also reading Damn Fine Story by Chuck Wendig, and want to highly recommend it to you. I'm loving … Continue reading A Busy Place

Interview: Fida Islaih, poet

Fida Islaih is the host of PoeteerChat on Twitter each Wednesday at 7pm EST. She is the author of A to Z Poetry, Her Olives, Blossoming Heart, Smile Back, Her Treasures, and Hugs & Kisses, as well as poetry prompts, and she offers editorial services. You can find her at fidaislaih.blogspot.com. JR:  Fida, thanks so much for coming … Continue reading Interview: Fida Islaih, poet

Fill ‘er Up – Want to do an interview?

Happy Hump-Day Earthdwellers! I know, it's not happy much. Maybe it is happy where you are, but you don't want to crow about it loudly because you know it's not so happy in other spots. I hear you. So, instead you are using your inside voices. The ones you use when you wear uncomfortable clothing. … Continue reading Fill ‘er Up – Want to do an interview?

The Plan and a Few Questions

Welcome back! If you're just joining the story, here is the Table of Contents.   The Plan and a Few Questions The clean-your-own-shit rule was in evidence. The windows were grimed by handprints and prints of other things Sharna didn’t want to consider. The light stuttered through to land on muddy wooden flooring, a mattress … Continue reading The Plan and a Few Questions

Famous Starts with Humble Endings

It's time. It's Monday, the kids are going back to school, and the world is alternating between fire and flood. Let's do something fun. This weekend, a poetry organization suggested we memorize poems as a way to cope. Like Borges or Alice. The only stanzas I can remember are ones that begin, "“Would you like … Continue reading Famous Starts with Humble Endings