Two Birds, One Stone & Three is a Magic Number

My short story, Two Birds, One Stone, and the accompanying creative scavenger hunt solo-rpg (what a mouthful!) is now up for e-book pre-order. I didn't go through amazon because I wanted to be able to sell it on Gumroad and through my blog shop. It was also a test run for the upcoming novella, you … Continue reading Two Birds, One Stone & Three is a Magic Number

Famous Starts, Humble Endings – an exercise

Hello! Welcome to the writing game of Famous Starts, Humble Endings. Each week, I’ll bring you some superb works by famous writers, and we’ll ruin them and laugh about it. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get ideas for a project…but that’s not the goal. The goal is to have fun. Let’s start with writing poetry. I’ll … Continue reading Famous Starts, Humble Endings – an exercise

Tangela Williams-Spann

Tangela Williams-Spann Tangela Williams-Spann is a mental health and wellness blogger as well as the mother of an autistic person. She has worked in special education for over fifteen years and is currently completing coursework towards a Master's degree in Special Education at Grand Canyon University. She began writing poems and short stories in elementary … Continue reading Tangela Williams-Spann

Cait Gordon, author & advocate

Cait Gordon's first book, Life in the 'Cosm, was meant as a way to survive chronic illness, but ended up a surprise hit. She's about to release a second edition, and a prequel, with Renaissance Press! With co-editor Talia C. Johnson and Nathan Fréchette from Renaissance, she recently built a Kickstarter for Nothing Without Us … Continue reading Cait Gordon, author & advocate

The Moon Fight

Drew has to battle for the right to be Baba Yaga's apprentice. The rules are simple: give your opponent an emotional experience that changes a long-held belief. But, the rules don't specify "human" emotions...   There's a new short story on my Patreon! For the full read, click over and pledge a $1/month. You'll get more … Continue reading The Moon Fight

Secret Ingredients – 10

I'm starting a new series on here about the books that influenced me growing up. These are the books that shaped my brain. Gave me my fears, values, and passions. The Julie Secret Ingredients!   Seven Alone by Honoré Morrow   This book was required reading in middle school. I have a flashbulb memory of … Continue reading Secret Ingredients – 10

Collaborative Brainstorming

This was a new panel for Miscon 32, and I loved the honesty of it. Rhiannon Held, urban fantasy author, and Krista Wallace, author/actress/musician, spoke and acted. They listed ideas and then modeled behaviors - ones that opened up creativity and others that closed it down. My notes are practically illegible, but here's what I … Continue reading Collaborative Brainstorming