An Invitation

Every Monday over on Patreon, I write a book review followed by two writing exercises (one easy, one a bit harder). These exercises are designed to prompt you to write a bit each week, and to think about the mechanics as you write. This week the book is Kristin Cashore's Jane, Unlimited. This weekly post … Continue reading An Invitation

Schnekk, artist & comic anthology editor

One of the talented people I met at FanNexus this year was Schnekk. She agreed to do a commission for me for the blog serial (stay tuned for the big reveal on Saturday!), and an interview to showcase the cool stuff she's doing with her talents! Schnekk has been drawing and painting for as long … Continue reading Schnekk, artist & comic anthology editor

Saturday Show and Tell 10/15/16

Saturday Show and Tell - a showcase of things each week that lit up my brain and fired my imagination. Enjoy! back of the Nobel Prize for Literature Good morning! I'm writing this post on Thursday, and I'm grinning from ear to ear about Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. I've never been … Continue reading Saturday Show and Tell 10/15/16