Shower Thoughts

Today in the shower, where I do most of my best thinking, I was whining softly to myself about how tired I am, how hard I'm fighting with myself to stay positive and outraged, walking the fine line of anger and activism, how I can't focus on plots or stanzas because of this administration and … Continue reading Shower Thoughts

Wednesday’s A Moment…

Every year, my baseline seems to slip a little lower. I fight it full throttle, no excuses, no mercy. I remember a young man I had as a patient. He had cancer. He was dying. He was in love. They tried everything. Nothing was too strange. Nothing was off the table. Every minute was precious … Continue reading Wednesday’s A Moment…

Make the Change: A Victory!

The Army Corps of Engineers has decided to deny the easement for the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. --NPR, Eyder Peralta Look what we did! Look. Give thanks. Cry a little. Scream and laugh because Justice won. Thank you to the Native Americans, who by standing firm and resolute, have made this possible. Their … Continue reading Make the Change: A Victory!

Make the Change Monday

┬áToday's action is about the Affordable Care Act. First, a poem to help you center yourself in this time of turmoil. The Answer Then what is the answer?- Not to be deluded by dreams. To know that great civilizations have broken down into violence, and their tyrants come, many times before. When open violence appears, … Continue reading Make the Change Monday