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Two Birds, One Stone cover

Up until a month ago, Scarlett would’ve been working her filching fingers to the bone for the Queen. Official business only. No time for frivolity. Since the disaster with the gnome caravan, she’s been blacklisted. Now, her ambition comes from a different source. Hunger. When a lovely young fairy invites Scarlett to a Switching Eve party, she can’t say no to free food. But is the fabulous fare worth the price of entry?

The original short story that started it all. Two Birds, One Stone sets the stage for the included creative scavenger solo-rpg.

The game is an adventuring, creative scavenger hunt where you find or make three elements of a spell and then roll your way to a solution. Player sheets included.

Please note: This is a short story bundled with a game.

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Beak, Full of Tongue cover

Twenty-three poems confronting the ease with which death threatens to step over the threshold, glistening and damp, full of story. This is a saddle stitch bound chapbook with a color cover, printed locally. Perfect for taking with you when you want a bit of mindfulness in your day or to give as a gift to someone you admire.

Locally printed, saddle stitch bound.

“Her poetry is akin to walking through a cloud weighted down upon the earth. Effervescent and serene, she encourages all who find themselves in the text to look up, “…to indulge, / to breathe into the ribs / of every blue moment, / spend it all.” In regards to tone and voice, Reeser is less Lauren Scharhag and more Mary Oliver…”
–Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews

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Terracotta Pomegranate, poetry chapbook

The first poetry chapbook. A flight of seventeen poems about trusting love after trauma.