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System Restore
Timeless Tales Magazine, Issue 2
– What happens when the world’s information network becomes truly open and accessible? It’s a new Pandora’s box.

Gathering Gold
Black Denim Lit, December 2014
– Mae learns to find comfort and love in a world torn apart by alcoholism.

The Walton Doctrine
NonBinary Review: Frankenstein, 2014
– Dr. Frankenstein’s work has developed into a cult. What happens when sharing body parts isn’t enough to overcome the sin of jealousy?

Eat me, Drink Me, Set Me Free
Grendel-Song: Wild Fantasy, 2015
– Who makes all the cakes and magical trinkets in Wonderland? What if she hates her job? Only Mephistopheles could set her free.

Silver Arrows
Timeless Tales Magazine, Issue 6
– A modern take on the Psyche & Cupid myth.

Two Poems
Whirlwind Magazine: Mother Earth, Issue 8

Boys will be Boys, but Girls will be Queens
NonBinary Review: Alice in Wonderland, 2016
– The Duchess and her origin story.

One Sentence Poems, 9/30/2016

Between the Spaces
One Sentence Poems, 4/01/2017

The Hub
Write Like You’re Alive, 2016
– Walter just wants to get a good evaluation at work and maybe a birthday gift for his girlfriend, but when he agrees to the new business plan, it’s more than he bargained for.

The Drabble
– 100-words tell a story.

Mirror Dance Magazine, Winter 2017
– A personal glimpse at the ancient tale.

Home Sweet Home
Enchanted Tales Literary Magazine, Issue 1
– Origin story of a famous witch.

The Cafe Irreal, Spring 2018
– Flash fiction with a twist on communication.

Patrolman Pip
FrostFire Worlds, August 2018
– Middle-grade story about a young fairy who faces two fears in one day.

Montana Mouthful 406 Flash Contest
– 406 word contest entry

The Third Angel Poured
The Future Fire
– When the new tries to overthrow the old, Wilma fights for her beliefs and her life, and she doesn’t fight alone.

Sewing by the Stars
Dreams & Nightmares Issue 114, Jan 2020
prose poem about revenge

Public Service
Daily Science Fictioncontract signed! Coming soon…