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Media Kit for Author, Julie Reeser

Terms of Use:
I, Julie Reeser, give permission for any and all of the information and photos on this page to be used for promoting my books and other creative projects both in print and online publications.

Interviews, Guest Posts, Articles & Projects:
I am available for interviews, guest posts, articles, and collaborative projects. To make arrangements, please email me at abetterjulie [at] gmail . com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Short Bio:

Julie Reeser is the unintentional straight man to life’s comedy. Her writing has been published in Daily Science Fiction, Dreams & Nightmares, and Frozen Wavelets. She is disabled and creates a Patreon full of small quirks.

Long Bio:
Julie Reeser’s work tends toward fantasy, melancholy, and compassion. She is a Codexian and an associate member of SFWA.

Julie’s first poetry chapbook Terracotta Pomegranate chronicles her journey of recovery after trauma though the language of the seasons. Beak, Full of Tongue, her second poetry book, peers through a lens made of feathers and dirt and tides with a curious and reflective eye at the ease with which death threatens to step over the threshold, glistening and damp, full of story.

She runs a Patreon where she shares poetry postcards, handmade mini media, and writing inspiration.

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Terracotta Pomegranate flatlay

Beak, Full of Tongue by Julie Reeser