The world is enormous, and sometimes our voices feel tiny. Like we’re shouting into the wind, not the cool reverberating and controlled joyfulness of a fan on a summer day, more like the scouring sirocco that dries the tongue and stings the eyes.

Let’s clear a space so we can hear each other.

Rochelle Campbell, author

Tonya Moore, author and founder of

Tui Snider, author and travel blogger

Fida Islaih, poet

Jeff Sullins, writer & beta-reader

Sweet Turtleberry, author & publisher

Ksenia Anske, dark fiction writer

Schnekk, artist & comics anthology editor

Tamara Woods, author & poet

S.E. Carson, writer & advocate

A.M. Leibowitz, author

Jennifer R. Donohue, author (part one)

Jennifer R. Donohue, author (part two) – coming Dec 16th!