Tough Love

After being paralyzed for months, and doing all the advice I give others, I finished the revision of the first chapter of Ferals & Blights tonight. Dissecting my behavior and feelings afterward, I'm able to say two things: Professional opinions help. I was afraid to revise the wrong thing, and getting John's feedback helped me … Continue reading Tough Love

Trust The Plan

Update: For those following my life on twitter - Yes, moving in winter is dumb. Dan's tooth is one piece again. The eldest is safely ensconced in his new digs. And, without the eldest here our internet should be marginally faster. Huzzah! One of my stories was accepted by FrostFire Worlds for their August '18 … Continue reading Trust The Plan

Grimsby’s Send-off

In what-I've-learned news: Every book is different to write. Even the same book being revised is actually a new book, apparently. It requires new skills, stretching stiff muscles, and finding unique ways to maneuver around my own anxieties. Yay? This revision of Ferals & Blights will not be a clean draft. It won't be me … Continue reading Grimsby’s Send-off