Saturday Storytime – Jackie, Jackie

Writing is a bit like painting for me. I layer one idea over another, a dollop of more detail here, a swirl of emotion there. There's a lot of re-reading and asking, "why?". This first draft doesn't have those layers, so it may feel like an overheard conversation or a brush of bird's wings. It's … Continue reading Saturday Storytime – Jackie, Jackie

Saturday Storytime – A Decision Too Late

This story is an exercise in having fun with first drafts, stretching boundaries and creativity, and giving back to my readers. If you like what you read, leave a comment or consider my Patreon. Thank you. For those needing to catch up, here's the Table of Contents. A Decision Too Late Mistress Nora was eating … Continue reading Saturday Storytime – A Decision Too Late

Saturday Storytime – Rags and Rhymes

Happy Saturday! If you need to catch up, go here. Rags and Rhymes Rags and Rhymes smelled like sex. There was no nice way to say it, so no one mentioned it, but everyone thought it. Jackie didn’t mind. It was one more potential thrill to light up her senses, and tonight she could use … Continue reading Saturday Storytime – Rags and Rhymes

Saturday Storytime – Lily Quee

Yes, I know. It's Sunday. Late on Sunday! I'm at Miscon, the fabulous SFF convention in Missoula, Montana. I'll be writing up a post soon about the things I've learned this year, and the super-cool and sweet people, so keep an eye out for it! If you need to catch up, here's the link to … Continue reading Saturday Storytime – Lily Quee

Saturday Storytime – Lights!

Another installment - go here to get caught up. Lights! The kitchen was still warm from its earlier exertions. “Lights.” The room heard and complied, and Sharna let out a sigh of relief. It was all in the tone. If you left even a bit of a question in your voice, the kitchen would ignore … Continue reading Saturday Storytime – Lights!