Two Books of Collective Heroism

The last two books I read had something in common. A group of flawed people each making personal, hard choices to change their society - whether that's a whole galaxy or just where they live. Alone, none of them were successful. It required a community effort. In Empress of Forever by Max Gladstone, Viv is … Continue reading Two Books of Collective Heroism

“Foundation” reading notes

Asimov's Foundation was (and possibly still is) on sale for the Kindle. I wanted to share some thoughts as I go. About writing, about philosophy, about politics. Things that strike me as timeless and telling. Or just as hmm-moments of interest. Dr. Hari Seldon is a psychohistorian which is a fancy way of saying statistical … Continue reading “Foundation” reading notes

Silent Lessons

I went to our local SCBWI meeting last night. One of the topics brought up by our facilitator was the changing of the name of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award to the Children's Literature Agency Award. We had a lively discussion. It's a hard topic to discuss. We all have strong and valid opinions, and … Continue reading Silent Lessons

Shower Thoughts

Today in the shower, where I do most of my best thinking, I was whining softly to myself about how tired I am, how hard I'm fighting with myself to stay positive and outraged, walking the fine line of anger and activism, how I can't focus on plots or stanzas because of this administration and … Continue reading Shower Thoughts

Make the Change: A Victory!

The Army Corps of Engineers has decided to deny the easement for the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. --NPR, Eyder Peralta Look what we did! Look. Give thanks. Cry a little. Scream and laugh because Justice won. Thank you to the Native Americans, who by standing firm and resolute, have made this possible. Their … Continue reading Make the Change: A Victory!

Make the Change: 11/28/16

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke Today's call to action is about the Dakota Access Pipeline. As so many of you know, the Army Corps of Engineers, along with militarized law enforcement, have been escalating the violence against peaceful demonstrators and protesters. If … Continue reading Make the Change: 11/28/16

Make the Change Monday

 Today's action is about the Affordable Care Act. First, a poem to help you center yourself in this time of turmoil. The Answer Then what is the answer?- Not to be deluded by dreams. To know that great civilizations have broken down into violence, and their tyrants come, many times before. When open violence appears, … Continue reading Make the Change Monday