Let’s build a community of writers, readers, poets, and creatives.

For 52 Saturdays, I’ll share the next scene in a first draft of a fantasy series as a way to look at how I create and where I need growth. You can read from the beginning here.

Join me mid-week for a post of escape and a breath of relaxation to get you through the stretch. While I am politically active, I want this to be a space where we put aside our outrage and stress for a short time. It makes the weight easier to carry when we do pick it back up again.

In between, I’ll post creative games and inspiration. I’ll share interviews with cool creators I’ve met who have something you might enjoy. If I go somewhere, I promise to write about it so you can go, too.

There will be book battles wherein I take two books with a similar feature and figure out which one is the evil twin or if they are more like besties.

Do you remember when you were about ten and believed the wind could hear you talk, faeries lived in the woods, and a magic portal was going to open and take you home?

That’s my goal. I want to live in that head-space, but I want you to come along.


I’m currently revising my first novel after a bout of failed queries and a check-in with a mentor. It’s a middle-grader fantasy exploring how stories and our relationship with nature shapes our worldview to create monsters or heroes. It examines the question of ‘what can I do’ when there is a societal problem in need of fixing.

Writing is a love of mine, and I’d like to share my love with you. You can sign up for process posts, writing tips, movie bits, book reviews, photos, and poetry on Patreon for only $1/month. There are also tiers for poetry by postcard, audio of me reading my poems, personalized poetry, and writing critiques.

I published a poetry chapbook in 2017. Terracotta Pomegranate is a 17 poem journey moving through a path in nature to find love after trauma. If you buy a copy, be sure to leave a review on Amazon! I’d appreciate it.

You can always read my published work by clicking on the menu link at the top of the blog, and don’t forget to follow the blog so you don’t miss any of the magic. Thanks!