Words are a love of mine, and I’d like to share my love with you. You can sign up for my writing diary, writing tips, movie bits, book reviews, photos of my life, and poetry on Patreon for only $1/month. There are also tiers for poetry by postcard, audio of me reading my poems, personalized poetry, and writing accountability.

My other loves are my husband and kids, my dog, and my morning coffee. Oh, and libraries, birds, trees, the sound of hot water pouring over tea, and museums. Plus, the color orange where it’s almost yellow, and red without any purple, and music on repeat.

I published a poetry chapbook in 2017. Terracotta Pomegranate is a 17 poem journey moving through a path in nature to find love after trauma. This book is based on my own experiences, and I’m very proud to have turned something ugly into beauty & strength.

Do you remember when you were about ten and believed the wind could hear you talk, faeries lived in the woods, and a magic portal was going to open and take you home?

I want to live in that head-space, but I want you to come along.