New Novella!

Hello! It’s my birthday today, and I got myself a published novella! Surprise!

The pre-order is over, so you can get Language of the Spirit straight to your e-reader with no wait. Nice.

This novella started as an entry for the Write Like You’re Alive challenge put on by Non-Binary Review. I was going through some personal loneliness and pain, and I poured those emotions into the character of Cian. When the draft was done, it wasn’t quite book-length. I had a dilemma. Should I try to expand it or tighten it up? This waffling back and forth took several years. Earlier this year, I finally decided to cinch the belt and hem it to a novella-length. I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

The original idea was to loosely base it on one of the rarely-adapted fairy tales: The Princess and the Pea! At one point, in the public library, my computer locked up and I lost the first two chapters. I have a visceral memory of that despair! (Now I back everything up two different ways. Have you backed up your work lately?) I never gave up on it, though, and now I have a novella to share with all of you! wheee!

Thanks for reading, and please go order your copy!

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    1. I’m still figuring out how I want to do it with a deadline of Sept’s local festival, so it WILL happen! I’m kinda trying to avoid using KDP, so we’ll see what I figure out. Love you <3!! (when I get a paper copy, I'll mail you a signed one if you want!)

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