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Two Birds, One Stone & Three is a Magic Number

My short story, Two Birds, One Stone, and the accompanying creative scavenger hunt solo-rpg (what a mouthful!) is now up for e-book pre-order. I didn’t go through amazon because I wanted to be able to sell it on Gumroad and through my blog shop. It was also a test run for the upcoming novella, you know, figuring out how all of this works!

Sometimes, you write a thing and it grows when you turn your back. You turn back around, and find a whole world clamoring to speak. Three is a Magic Number is one of the little adventures that yipped around my feet until I found a form for it in a solo-rpg. My first! This game is a lot of fun. Each episode requires you (Scarlett) to pull together the elements needed for a successful magic spell to avoid whatever shenanigans are barring your progress toward saving your friend from the dreaded gnomes.

This game was the 2021 annual Thanksgiving reward for all Patreon tiers, and I think it has a lot of replay value since there’s no guarantee Scarlett will succeed. You can give her the best odds possible, but it’s a fraught journey!

I don’t have a print form of this book/game bundle available yet. There’s a festival happening in our little village in September, and my goal is to find a cost-effective printing before then. My poetry chapbook, Beak, Full of Tongue, was printed locally at a shop in Helena, and I might see if this would be a feasible option.

Anyway, I’m excited to share this story/game with you! It was a blast to create – Dan and I spent a lot of time rolling dice and counting days, and coming up with spell requirements. I have a plan to create another story & game within Scarlett’s world for the fall of this year. The next game will tie in charity somehow – possibly for animal shelters, but we’ll see.

Thanks so much for checking out my work!

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