The Good News

I have three fairly cool things to share during this time of absolutely hellish dark headlines, stress dreams, and math that never looks good.

Let me say here: it’s not just you. Things are very stressful and awful. However you are coping or not coping, you are not alone. More than ever, we need to remember to take care of each other.

Okay. *stumbles off soapbox*

First, my little pro-sale story in Daily Science Fiction was given a wonderful review by the esteemed Maria Haskins on her Curious Fictions column.

— Reeser’s story is a wonderful slice of near-future science fiction that quietly and deliberately subverts a multitude of superhero tropes…

It’s tucked in between some magnificent stories and talented writers, so I am still a bit agape and agog at the happening, and honored beyond words. I realize writers get reviews all the time, but this is my first, and it’s such a delight!

The second big news item is that I met my 30 supporters goal on Patreon! *kermit flail*

This has been a long-haul goal, one that required me to Just Keep Going! To put my head down and do the work and only come up for air and food and walks in the woods. If I had focused on the goal instead of the steps to get there, I’d never have made it.

I had to push past my comfort zone in so many ways, and it’s all been worth it! Thank you to everyone who helped me reach harder and higher for things that looked and felt impossible.

Next stop: SFWA membership! Right?

The third good news is that for the first time in my stationery-obsessed world, I filled a whole journal. Every day since Jan 1st, I have sat down with pen and book and written my morning pages! (Okay, I missed a day here and there, but you know.)

Things I learned from this exercise:

  • I anxiety-blather less to people throughout the day.
  • I can hear my own thoughts more clearly. They aren’t surrounded by to-do lists and what-ifs and random noise.
  • The doodles are good! Yes, they look stupid in the moment, but when you go back – they instantly recall the moment. AND, they aren’t half bad!
  • The daily one-line haiku poem is also a good idea. I did them for the whole month of June and part of July, and it helped me transition straight from writing the journal entry into writing poetry each day.
  • I found it better to have a separate journal for my to-do lists. That left more room in my morning pages for memories, deeper thoughts, and insights about what I’ve been reading or experiencing. I just kept the to-do list beside me and filled it in as thoughts occurred during journal time.
  • I’m actually more creative than I thought. And, the more you use that muscle, the stronger it gets!
  • The fountain pen is a worthwhile purchase. It really does make long blocks of writing not be a strain on my hand, and it flows faster than a ballpoint pen.

A found poem from one of my journal pages –

prose is a
tightly folded seed
white with moss.
— JR

Thanks for letting me share my happy stuff with you!





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