Housekeeping Post

I knew a chimney sweep when I was a kid. He fascinated me. Mostly because he was simultaneously handsome and awkward. He wanted to be a priest – or maybe he’d been a priest, but failed out? I can’t recall, but it was something gothic romance-y like that. He also really enjoyed the shaking hands for luck bit. I can see how it would be nice to have everyone be happy to greet you everywhere you went!

I’m checking for what sparks joy on the old blog. Mostly, this space has become a handful of spaghetti sliding down the wall with a few strands moving more slowly than the rest.

I want to focus.

The interviews and Famous Starts posts will stay, and of course, I’ll continue book reviews. But, I find I’m spending most of my creative energy on projects for subscribers and followers over on Patreon. It’s just like a newsletter. Just click the follow button on the home page, and the unlocked posts come straight to your inbox – for free!

I try to share at least one unlocked post a month, so it’s a good deal. There are monthly poems, weekly etymologies for the reader, tips & tools for the writer, short story reviews, audio, postcards, tinybooks, and so much, y’all.

So. Much.

Just this week, I posted a free printable for tracking submissions or whatever 52 steps will get you to your goal.

So, that’s where the ME is happening nowadays, and I’d love to see you there in whatever capacity works best for you.

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