Round-Up of What’s What

I had trouble choosing one singular favorite book I read this year, but I wrote up a whole post about what I loved and recommend in case you need another excuse to fill your shelves with wonderful words!

And, in my ongoing quest to be more intentional with my reading (and everything else, let’s be honest), I have chosen a mash-up of two spreadsheets and a system of notebooks.

There’s a bonus wordnerd post I did that reveals, once again, how language has our class structures baked right in. Each week I find new marvels of our language to share, and I plan to keep going into 2020 with this project to be more aware of how words matter.

I’m up to Story #174 on the 300 Story Project! In this review, I discuss each scene from The Petals of the Godflower by Kyle Kirrin in Beneath Ceaseless Skies. I love the secondary worlds in this magazine, and I can’t think of another market where a writer’s time is better spent reading to learn.

I’m currently obsessed with an artist on YouTube and her Ghibli-atmospheric videos. Much of my fascination is from how part of my brain recognizes it’s all performance, but the other part of my brain is willing to accept it as reality. It’s a bit of a surreal phenomenon right there in my own skull, and I keep watching them to see if I can somehow reconcile the disparate realities. So far, no. Also, the music is wonderful.

I also am inspired to attempt to combine all my online spaces into one. I have this blog, plus my Patreon, and my Etsy shop. That’s a lot of clicking around. I need to figure out a way to morph them all together like Voltron. Stay tuned!


(I have been informed that the individual humans have to get inside little robots before they can become the one big robot, and all this did was make more questions. Why have the people at all? Are the smaller robots functional or are they just fancy suits?)

This weekend will be spent breaking my 2020 goals into quarterly steps. I’ve already begun some of them, and am absolutely intimidated by what I have set down for myself. Nothing like a little fear to get the old heart in gear, amirite?

“Tell me what you pay attention to, and I’ll tell you who you are.”
— José Ortega y Gasset

And that leads me back to you. Do you have a goal for the new year?




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