Shelfie Check – December

Last month, I had grand plans for working on the physical books. The Shelf. What I ended up doing was reading on my phone because of eyestrain. That’s been great news for my Kindle app usage and my Libby account!

eReads – (click on the title for my full review)

The Broken Kingdoms by N. K. Jemison
I love this series. I have read the first book twice, and finally got a copy of the middle book in the trilogy. What is it about pantheons that makes my brain so happy? And, I could have contentedly basked in more hours with this main character.

Neuromancer by William Gibson
I loved the language in this one. There is a masterful sleight of hand by Gibson in that the science is shown through sensory experience rather than technical data. Points for being a book from the 80s that isn’t bloated with misogyny.

Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie
This was a disappointment. I finished, even though I wanted to bail a little past the halfway mark. It’s always a bummer when a great concept falls short. The title should have been a red flag about editorial style, I guess.

Run with the Hunted 2: Ctrl Alt Delete by Jennifer R. Donohue
Another cypberpunk book! Plus, I re-read the first in the series to refresh myself on the characters. This sequel is from the point of view of Bits, the hacker of the heist trio. It was a fast read with a great voice.

Abarat by Clive Barker
I re-read this because I want to finish the series. It had been probably over a decade since I originally set foot in this Barker fantasy, and I didn’t remember how Alice in Wonderland it felt. I might have to do a Book versus Book post!

Paper Print Reads – (or as someone on Twitter said, “meat” reads)

The Dark Fantastic by Ebony Elizabeth Thomas
A non-fiction entry! This slim volume explores four Black women’s narratives from pop-culture within the context of how racial violence is an ancient and systemic narrative, and how those biases are continued or broken in modern storytelling.

Worlds Seen in Passing, edited by Irene Gallo
I finally finished this massive and epic short story collection! Why do collections take so much longer than novels?
All of the stories were good (I only skipped one out of forty). My four favorites you must absolutely find and read are:
Please Undo This Hurt by Seth Dickinson
Terminal by Lavie Tidhar
The Witch of Duva by Leigh Bardugo (I own this in two other forms. It’s in her Language of the Thorns collection & the ebook version. It’s one of my favorite short stories, ever.)
This World is Full of Monsters by Jeff Vandermeer

So. December’s shelfie! I set up a brighter lamp where I read to see if it’ll help. There are less books, but that number is deceptive because three of those four are LONG.

December Shelfie

What are you reading this month?


3 thoughts on “Shelfie Check – December

  1. “meat” reads — I’ll have to remember that one!

    Somehow, I have never made the transition to consuming books in a digital format. I just can’t get past having a shelf for things I want to read, followed by a shelf of “this stuff is great and goes on the prestige shelf.”

    1. I’ve only recently begun to build an intentional library. It’s honestly opened up more of a relationship with the books I own, if that makes sense. The e-reads allow me to decide if I want a book for my library or not while still supporting the authors.

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