December (!) Writing Prompts

The end of the year, and I’ve got a BUNCH of writing prompts to propel you toward your writing goals! Let’s go.

The largest medieval manuscript, rumored to have been written by one person in one night with the help of the devil, has pages missing.

This 14th century translation has the @ symbol. Time-traveler? If you write it.

An oldie, but a goodie. If you were transformed into a cat, and you needed a certain item from inside this museum to break the spell…
(and, those cats could afford the entry cost if they got the royalties from the gift shop using their likenesses, just saying.)

There’s a new twitter account called @SilentFilmTitles. This image is from The Maid of Cefyn Ydfa from 1914.

The Maid of Cefyn Ydfa (1914)

As I mentioned in the news on Patreon, I really want to have a character who talks like this Surreal Compliment Generator. Perhaps a droid with a faulty hospitality chip?

The average wind speed is rising! What would this mean for the future technologies and biological evolutionary changes long-term? What if… can you dream up?

This archaeological find is absolutely wild –

Both of the juvenile skulls were “still fleshed” when secured to the infants’ heads, according to the paper. In both cases, the helmet skulls were fitted tightly to the infants’ heads, and in the case of burial 370, the outer skull was positioned such that the infant’s face “looked through and out of the cranial vault,” according to the paper.

That’s a creepy Clive Barker-type of place to stop, but that’s also a whole page of prompts to get your fingers typing. If you get some stories written and want to submit them, I’m taking a look at markets on my Patreon. Thanks for reading!



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