Four Ways I’m Smashing My Writing Goal

Remember that fun meter I had to track writing progress on my novel work?

Well, I’ve got a new one! 


11 / 30 stories. 37% done!

This is for my goal of 30 stories in submission circulation. Meaning, stories out there looking for a home, knocking on doors, peering in windows, and generally risking their lives as they seek shelter. I currently have eleven written, but about three of them are almost dead from lack of love. I’ll probably retire them at the end of the year.

There are several strategies I’m using to smash the 30 stories goal while still staying on top of my other project commitments.

  1. Morning reading, no internet.
    I spend about an hour reading poetry or essays in print while I enjoy my coffee. Then, I sit in the quiet in front of an open notebook and see what happens.
  2. Evening reading, no internet.
    Same, but in bed and no coffee.
    This is a website where you are given monsters to defeat by writing a certain length of time or word count. It’s a clever way to trick myself into doing butt-in-chair sessions. It’s a cartoon game timer basically, but it works.
  4. Reading old speculative fiction from Gutenberg and rewriting it in my voice and updated for the now.
    Not for publication, but for practice and to get myself typing and my brain creating. This has been a fun way to play around without feeling the pressure to perform for pay.

    In other project news, I’m closer to opening up more tinybook tiers on Patreon!


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Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Four Ways I’m Smashing My Writing Goal

  1. Congratulations on your progress! You are a model word-warrior!

    Let’s see…. I uh… wrote a paragraph last week! And uh… completed 3 critiques on critters…. but I’m going to try writing some more RIGHT NOW. :p

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