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I just finished Gideon the Ninth and a re-read of Slaughterhouse-Five. Both of which I highly recommend for different reasons.

The Magazine of SF&F copy is a little misleading because it’s really the current issue on my Kindle app that I’m reading through for review on my Patreon.

I’ve read Whitman’s Song of Myself several times, but I got this version with a lexicon in the back and contains both the 1855 edition and the 1891 one. I am greatly disappointed by the lexicon, but oh well. It’s really a comfort read when I need something soft and loving before bed.

Wild Milk is fascinating. I’ve honestly never read anything like it. I can’t get through a few sentences before I have to write something, so it’s my morning read with my first cup of coffee before I get online. It’s as if she is telling you a prose poem of her dreams.

I’ve been working through Emergent Strategy for months. It’s fabulous and packed with so much to consider and meditate upon. I read until I find a truth I’ve never considered from that angle, and then I mark that moment and let it sit in my brain. For instance, in discussing how we as an online society pile on those who we think are wrong: “destroying a person doesn’t destroy all of the systems that allow harmful people to do harm.”

The TOR collection of short stories is a lesson and a joy. I do not recommend reading this when you are feeling mediocre as a writer! I can only come to this book when I’m doing well with my own work because it is full of brilliance and success. It also contains possibly my favorite short story ever – Please Undo This Hurt by Seth Dickinson.

And, I’m feeling very good lately because of this gorgeous and thoughtful review by Berry With Her Poems of my chapbook, Beak, Full of Tongue. If you are reading something you like, tell the author. It makes such a huge difference in our lives.

There are actually two full shelves of books I own but haven’t read yet. But, these are the books I’m putting my time into right now. I’ll be back at the end of the month to share if that’s changed and what’s good!

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