September’s Writing Prompts

Ooh, for those of you with summer munchkins underfoot, you possibly have more time to write now that they are safely ensconced! But, you sit down to face that blank page and your mind stutters. This month’s writing prompts (and the previous ones) might be able to help.

haunted house

Lots of sub calls will be for horror or spooky stories this month. What if…an art piece up for auction had a murky murderous past?

The future of organized religion might be an AI. In Japan, a Buddhist android is preaching to visitors and faithful (and the curious) in a hope to bring more worshippers to the temple.

To go with your creepy story, maybe explore the idea of composting bodies for burial?

Last, but not least, what magic and science could you do with a lock of a dead Queen‘s hair?

I hope that supplies you with some ideas for scary, spooky, and creepy tales! If you’d like more writing inspiration, plus original poetry & fiction, check out my Patreon.

Thanks for reading!


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