Chronicle of Crows

Chronicle of Crows

I’m not spatially-gifted.
No one says savant
or Rain Man or even any odd;
I am in space, a miracle
of neurology. Except for toes,
especially right foot second
which I’ve broken every year
since I got my diagnosis.

But I was thinking of the crows.
Perhaps, fifty.
Which will be next year for me,
and like the crows, the wonder
of it – the miracle – tips me
toward one hundred and maybe
there were that many,
some days I feel each year
are feathers falling,
silent and remarkable.

–Julie Reeser ©️

You have to zoom in to see the miracle hidden in the photo. On my walk this weekend in the canyon, a storm blew in and brought with it crows. Perhaps, every crow I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. Every crow who lives in our canyon. It was amazing.

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