July’s Writing Prompts

While searching for the cover image for my next poetry chapbook (coming the end of this month!), I found a pile of cool writing prompts. Enjoy!

Ibex Man at the Museum

ibex man

He truly looks like he would grant me a wish or lead me to the next step of a quest!

Egyptian Heart Betrays You

“The Egyptians regarded the heart as the seat of the spirit, and it was not removed from the body during mummification. Among the spells popularly known as the Book of the Dead, one (30B) calls upon the heart not to bear witness against the deceased during judgment in the afterlife. This spell was usually inscribed on a large scarab made of green stone that was placed on the mummy’s chest. Instead of a scarab, Queen Manhata was given a heart-shaped amulet.” – Met catalog description for the Heart Amulet of Manhata


Cosmetics Box of the Royal Butler from 1805 B.C.

butler box

Someone please write a story around this treasure starring a clever, magical Egyptian!

Magic Wand

(I typed magical want by mistake, but yeah.)


Of course, the best writing prompt would be to combine all of these into one story.


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Thank you!


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