June’s Story Prompts

HOW is it already June? Have you written as many stories as you thought you would? Are you feeling stuck from mowing lawns and playing taxi to the little ones? Here are some cool story ideas to get you started –

1. Black, Hot Ice Planets

“…a new phase of water with bizarre properties. Unlike the familiar ice found in your freezer or at the north pole, superionic ice is black and hot.”

“…scientists think it might be among the most abundant forms of water in the universe.”

“…This suggested superionic ice would conduct electricity, like a metal, with the hydrogens playing the usual role of electrons.”

Get your fragile humans out there mining that weird water!

2. The Art of Fatima Ronquillo

I can’t share any photos, because rules. You’ll have to to take a leap (or click) of faith to go see the jewelry that watches you and the baby baroque myths.

3. Need a smart spy idea? How about cyber sabotage? A Deutsche Bank software “glitch” allowed ten years worth of money-laundering to go unnoticed. All I can see is Natasha Romanov with a thumb drive or a rollerblading hacker who inserts code because her father is being blackmailed and she’s the one with the skills to save him.

4. The Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest

Tell a witty story in one sentence! If nothing else, go check out the past winners to see how it’s done and get inspired.

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Come join in!

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