3 Story Prompts for May

Ooh, spring has sprung. That makes butt-in-chair time harder to do. I want to jump up and go outside. Or sit outside writing, which really means not writing, but watching leaves unfurl and flowers bloom. A few story prompts might help us all.

man-sized upright wooden cabinet with hinged door, just enough room for a chair
Orgone Cabinet from Wikipedia

Orgone (pronounced like, was he here or was he gone? Or gone.)

A device that captures the energy Spring might give you. Unless you are prone to allergies and the ravages of pollen. Then, you might want to use the device on someone else to capture the energy you are lacking. It kind of makes me think of Philip Pullman’s device that separates daemon from child. Maybe that’s where he got his idea!

Poison Mourning Veils

Who knew the fashion industry would carelessly make money off women without regard their for health…haha, all of us, yes. *stares at wedding dresses*

There’s just something about a Victorian veil seeping toxins into the skin and lungs that makes me want to write a horror novel.

Carnival Illustrations

right-facing well-dressed ass with small ears and a bow on its tail, carrying a teapot.
Tulane Digital Library, Carnival Collection.

5,500 original float and costume designs from the digital Howard Tilton Memorial Library. A wealth of setting and character ideas here! My advice is to randomly select a page, point with your eyes closed, and then write about whichever one you choose. Otherwise, you’ll do what I did and end up blowing an afternoon perusing the stack of weird and wonderful without being able to pick!

Okay. No reason other than fidget flower energy to keep you from creating something wonderful. Go forth and write!

2 thoughts on “3 Story Prompts for May

    1. haha. We had a “wardrobe” kind of like this built into the bedroom of our old house. It was maybe twice the size, but had that same trapped look about it.
      Yes, come and sit where the silence will be profound. I will offer you tea and you can have a bit of peace. Oh, that trembling in your hand? Pay it no mind, it’ll fade in a day or two…

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