4 Story Prompts for March

Need writing ideas for March? How about…



Wyoming District Will Open 1- Student School Next Fall

There are several ideas that jumped to my mind for this one. You could write a story from the child’s POV or the teacher’s. And since there are two schools with one student a few miles apart, you could make a pan-apocalyptic adventure. The whole thing is riddled with metaphor and symbolic opportunities – you do you!


How Accurate are Hollywood Star Maps?

Oh!! This one lit my brain right up. What if…someone finds a mansion not on the Star Map, and they decide to go exploring?

Art is a great place to find characters, settings, and ideas. Many museums have collections online that are free to use. All you need is a computer and some time.

Bertha Morisot by Edouard Manet
Morisot by Manet for Julie Reeser's story prompts

The museum’s description of this painting is a writing prompt in itself. A work of historical fiction just waiting to be written – maybe by you!



Imagine writing a character devolving toward a tragic end, but told in poetry or letters!
You can emulate the real-life, doomed Bonnie & Clyde. Apparently, Bonnie wrote poetry as a way to cope, or maybe just to chronicle, her life on the run. I find this absolutely fascinating, and would totally read someone’s spin on this.

Okay, all this story prompt work is making me jumpy to go write. Hopefully, your pen or keyboard is calling you, too. If these didn’t do it for you, there are more here and here.

Thanks for reading!


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