5 Freaky Finds for February

Dang, it’s cold. Let’s warm up with some weird story prompts for the month.

  1. Atlas Obscura has a compilation of creepy folktales in case you need to get your blood pumping. I am not responsible for any weird dreams, but feel free to drop a comment if you end up being inspired to write a story from them.
  2. Our youngest informed me that if you whistle to emu eggs, they move and sometimes whistle back. I have scoured the internet for proof. I found people whistling and eggs wiggling, but none of the videos convinced me of much. I did enjoy this last one.
  3. A hawk-mummy was scanned by SCIENCE. It’s not a hawk. And while it might be a tad gruesome and tragic, I was fascinated by a side-thought about how Akhenaten, the father of Tutankhamun and husband of Nefertiti, appears to have an oddly shaped head. I don’t think anyone knows if this was the art style of the period or what. Some people think he had Marfan’s syndrome. If you find out more, I’m listening.
  4. Speaking of the cold – did everyone see the story about the frozen alligators?
  5. Another story that sort of ties together the theme of weird old things – a newly discovered dinosaur shark had teeth shaped like the ships from Galaga. So of course, they named it Galagadon nordquistae. They found this critter in South Dakota! Can you hear the noise looking at this picture?


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