Be The Ring-Giver

Sometimes writers (and artists) forget to celebrate achievements. Or they skimp on giving themselves a true accolade. Partly because not everything we accomplish looks like capitalism, and partly because our goal posts tend to move with every success.

This is unhealthy if you aren’t being mindful. How often have you set a goal, reached it, spent half a day satisfied, and then almost immediately decided it’s not enough? Somehow that huge goal you just worked so hard to meet feels piddly and unsatisfactory?

And, maybe it isn’t enough. Maybe to get where you’re headed you do have to leap from big goal to huge goal like a goat on a mountain. BUT, I guarantee you the goat stops to take a breath and eat some flowers or something.

Eat your flowers.

I have written two query-ready book manuscripts. That is my goat-leaping. And, my reward to myself (since there’s no pay for writing an unsold manuscript) is a ring.

This is an old tradition from the Norse Kings. When a thane performed well, the King gave them a ring (or other treasure). So, I am my own ring-giver. My own King.

“…I found a ring-giver of rare magnificence
and enjoyed the good of his generosity.”

(My son asked, “So what happens when you run out of fingers?” And I felt a fierce joy in his concrete belief that I would write that many books.)

When I see my rings (which is a lot…’cause hands), I remember I have done tangible work to advance my dreams. This matters.

So, as you look back at your year – be the ring-giver. Be generous. Eat your flowers.



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