2018 – What’d I Learn?

I’m a goal-setter. A list-maker. A Resolutionist.  (ya like that?)

Here were my goals for 2018:

  1. Have four works published
  2. Revise Ferals & Blights
  3. Write six new short stories
  4. Be able to do ten full push-ups
  5. Complete full year of Patreon poetry postcards

Not bad! And, I learned something BIG about goal-setting as a writer.

Only make goals you can control.

For instance, I can’t control if my stories get purchased. I can’t control how my chronic illness will affect my strength (poorly, folks).

When I do make goals I control, I crush them!

Not only did I revise Ferals & Blights, I sent out over 40 individualized queries to agents! I also started two new manuscripts. I found new horizontal peers to trade pages with and support. And, did a small panel on Twitter for Writers at MisCon in May.

I attended 2 writing conferences.

I finished a wonderful year of Patreon postcards, and started a marketing project, gaining 4 new patrons!

I learned how to make tiny books and entered a writing contest. I tried to figure out how to livestream my writing sessions, and while that didn’t work out, I did do a few videos!

I took online classes to help me hone my writing skills.

I completed the 52 weeks of poetry challenge, sending out over 52 poems to strangers.

I wrote at least 6 new stories. The big news is that while I only sold 3 stories, I submitted 29 times to magazines and anthologies. There are still 4 pending, so there could be a Christmas miracle to help me meet that first goal. I’m hopeful!

Knowing how to set goals means 2019 will be even better!

I’m still working on which goals will be my priority next year, but I do know a big one will involve sharing joys and progress with all of you.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey. Happy New Year!



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