Tiny Stories

Listen! Can you hear it? That’s the sound of me folding paper, cutting on the dotted line, and uncapping the glue.

For 2019, I’m adding an offering to my Patreon tiers. Tiny stories in a tiny book every month. This pledge tier also gets the classic and original poetry postcard and the audio, so it’s a sweet deal for $5.


The openings are limited because these little labors of love take some time, but with only $1 you get immediate access to over 150 posts of photos, poetry, fiction, reviews, & more.


Poetry postcards make a warm and inspiring gift for a friend or lover, especially writers. They come EVERY month, so your loved one enjoys your gift all year round!


Or, get it as a way to stay motivated and inspired. A spot of brightness in between the junk. A special treat for yourself.


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