100 Demon Dialogues – Review

I stand at the window every morning and watch the creek flow past. While I wait for the coffee to brew, I either read a poem or contemplate a Demon. Okay, sometimes I just stand there and try to get both my eyes to go in the same direction.


Lucy Bellwood has illustrated a wonderfully charming book to help you embrace your creative fears and impostor syndromes and any other brain weasels you may be harboring.

Every page is a personal, and yet universal, fear we creatives face. The comics are drawn clearly and with personality. In the afterword, she discusses how this project changed how she viewed the Inner Critic we all hear. She advocates for compassionate listening, mindfulness, and action. It’s lovely. Highly recommend.

5/5 stars


(note: I could not get my own pics of the book to upload, so these are all taken from Ms. Bellwood’s website. I hope she doesn’t mind.)


2 thoughts on “100 Demon Dialogues – Review

    1. You know how people write, “She let out a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding”? That’s what I did while reading this. I love it when an artist can connect with something that feels individual and show you it’s universal.

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