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Some Tarot Thoughts

I’m moving on to a new writing project. Or, I will be. If I can decide which one to tackle.

This requires a lot of thought. I have finished a middle-grader fantasy. Should I work on a new book set in that world? What if that one doesn’t sell? Should I work on one of the three completed first drafts I already have? Two are adult, one is YA. One is historical fantasy, and I see a lot of wishes for this on agent lists.

But. It’s a problematic history. I’m not even sure it should be YA. Or written by me.

So, I turned to my tarot deck to see if it might help.

The first card is the Knight of Swords: look! I’m excited about this idea! Maybe too excited? That horse looks a little scared. Wild-eyed, even.

The second card is the Seven of Pentacles: I’ve been working hard, thinking about this, tinkering, learning. Maybe instead of diving straight into a new project, I should take some more time to rest and enjoy the work I’ve just completed? Plus, that loose coin between his feet bugs me.

The third card is the Five of Pentacles: Ah, crap. Is this me not having faith in myself? Or is this card telling me if I do this story, it’ll lead to me being left out in the cold by my peers and readers? A wasted effort leading to misery? I hate this card, folks.

My take-away is I’m rushing into a new project too soon. I need to spend the rest of August reading, relaxing, and truly recognizing the work I’ve done all summer. I’m itchy to write, but I could work on not-for-consumption pieces that stretch my mind muscles.

I could PLAY with words! good grief, someone catch me.

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