FrostFire Worlds

Remember how great it felt to curl up as a kid with a collection of short stories? You could drop in and out between chores or during lunch at school. I remember reading them on long car trips, too.

FrostFire Worlds is a market for younger readers who like speculative fiction. It’s one of the only markets left out there for this audience, so I’d love to see them thrive. I have a bit of bias, since I love writing bite-sized kid’s fiction.

And my story, Patrolman Pip, is published in the August issue! *cue happy squeals*

frostfire worlds

You can buy a copy for a kid (or a kid-hearted adult) you love on their website. It’ll be available on Amazon later this year.

I’ve had a chance to read a few of the other stories tucked around my own, and they’re all fun. There’s even poetry scattered between! This is a clever way to slip the idea of poetry into a kid’s world. Kind of like decorating a cake with fruit, right? You could also encourage your child’s school library to buy a copy, or buy one and donate it!

In other news, Terracotta Pomegranate has another beautiful 5-star review on Amazon.

“… strong, vivid imagery and a story that is being told. Reeser connects with something deep and buried in the earth upon which she stands. A great read for any fan of poetry old or modern.” 

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. It’s great to see my poems lighting up the world out there. 

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