The Moon Fight

Drew has to battle for the right to be Baba Yaga’s apprentice. The rules are simple: give your opponent an emotional experience that changes a long-held belief. But, the rules don’t specify “human” emotions…


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The Moon Fight

By Julie Reeser

Standing on the backs of birds requires a delicate footfall. The miles-long path undulates with the breathing and cries of sparrows, nighthawks, ravens, and robins. Feathers ripple in the moonlight. My skin glistens as I step closer to the patch of silver dust. One more stride, and I reach my destination.

As I touch the sandy surface, the magic releases them. Millions of birds, wings parting and rolling to find their way home. My opponent has arrived before me, and she raises an eyebrow at the noise. Her own methods were stealthier, less showy, but I’m a Leo. Glitz and glamour come to me like water finding rock. Not my fault she’s more audience than performer.

“Who will witness for you?” Tanavie asks. Her own eyes and ears and soul are housed within the curl-backed pangolin snuffling at her feet.

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