Miscon 32 – Year of Lost Heroes

The theme this year was prescient for 2018, eh?

Montana did not let us down. The convention was once again a meeting of like-minded individuals mingling and making a family of strangers. There’s a reason we attend this convention every year without fail. You won’t find a nicer group of people anywhere.

This was the first year where I was panelist. I did 50 minutes of improvisation and passion on how to use Twitter as a Tool instead of a Distraction. There were handouts and hashtags and helpful questions and audience participation. It was a BLAST, and I really hope I get to do it again next year!

Brandon Sanderson was the Writing Guest of Honor. I took notes on his Three Laws of Magic, Retrofitting Structure, and World-building. I’ll share a post with the tips I learned, and link up to his helpful videos.

I also met a new-to-me author, Brenda Carre. Because I was lucky enough to have a birthday in July, I won a copy of one of her books! A post about her ability to ground the reader and how to use maps effectively is coming.

The ever-entertaining Krista Wallace and Rhiannon Held did a panel on Collaborative Brainstorming. There was role-playing, which takes guts. They did a great job! I’ll try to decipher my notes to share.

So – at least three posts coming! Thanks for your patience while I settle back in. I also have a self-imposed deadline of June 7th for finishing the Ferals & Blights revision so I can participate in #PitMad. I hope some of you are going to throw your query hats into the ring! If you want to, but aren’t sure how, hit me up in the comments!

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