MisConMT 32 Interlude

This post interrupts our regularly scheduled recipe-sharing about the books that shaped us as we grew up.

Hold that thought!

Dan and I are headed up to Missoula for a few days of vacation, learning, socializing, and late-but-not-less anniversary fun at the SF&F convention!

When I get back, I’ll share what I learned with you as I have the last two years. Until then, you can read those posts if you missed them in the past.

I’m going to be speaking for a fraught, but fun, hour or so about using Twitter as a Tool (instead of a distraction). I thought it was going to be a Panel – like with other, more experienced people I could hide behind for my first time – Nope!

It’s all me, baby. Sink or swim! Bwahahahaha, sob!

I’ll talk about query contests, writing community, engaging with your favorite authors, using Twitter to level up, and more! My patrons have already seen the handout of hashtags I’ll be covering.

I think Handout of Hashtags should be a DnD weapon, don’t you? Slow those writing block monsters down before you whack them with your pen-mightier.

If you’re planning to attend the convention, please say hello. I’d love to grab a coffee or sign a chapbook or just chat about your current projects. Feel free to show up to the Dragon Tent on Sunday and ask me silly questions about The Twitter.

There’s (obviously) going to be famous people and cool people there, too. So, I highly recommend you grab a ticket and show up if you can. I have met the loveliest people every year. It’s amazing. Plus, Montana is gorgeous in (anytime) May.

It’s the perfect excuse! I even wrote a script for your boss:

I have to go because Julie-made-of-books said there were going to be famous, cool, AND lovely people in the May-beauty of Montana waiting to tell me their secrets.


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