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Secret Ingredients – 6

I’m starting a new series on here about the books that influenced me growing up.

These are the books that shaped my brain. Gave me my fears, values, and passions.

The Julie Secret Ingredients!


Harry and The Lady Next Door

by Gene Zion

Harry is a dog. He has a neighbor who sings. Loudly. So high and loud, it hurts Harry’s ears. Offends his very sensibilities. So, he does what any righteous and self-assured person…erm, dog…would do, and tries to show her a better way.

Oh, man. This book.

Every single page.

Every illustration and noise and expression is encapsulated into the fiber of my being.

When he bites the piano leg in frustration, I never felt more understood.

I swear to god, I am this dog.

What was your favorite animal book when you were little?


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