Secret Ingredients – 5

I’m starting a new series on here about the books that influenced me growing up.

These are the books that shaped my brain. Gave me my fears, values, and passions.

The Julie Secret Ingredients!


Where the Sidewalk Ends

by Shel Silverstein

I can hear you exhaling with love. Yep, me too.

The spine is cracked, the dust cover long gone. Mine was bought second-hand, so it has a dedication to “Christine” from her “Aunt Sally.”  I have at least two memorized, still.


I refer to these poems daily.

They are a language of their own.

Don’t want to do the hard work? Sarah Silvia Cynthia Stout. (It is possible I have substituted Sarah Huckabee Sanders into this poem at least once.)

Too much screen time? Jimmy Jet.

Writing a book? You must embrace Melinda Mae and the whale and start at the tail.

I can remember reciting Lazy Jane waiting for rain to my own kids on hot summer days when they complained about being thirsty.

This book made me a survivor. A better human. A better Mom. A better Julie. This book taught me to keep my sense of humor.

What is your favorite poem from this book?

4 thoughts on “Secret Ingredients – 5

  1. I have an ancient copy, bound in faded lime-green. My daughter found it and loves it, reads it in bed at night (she’s 8).

    I’ve only read a little bit of it myself, though. Heh. Perhaps more when I was younger. But I can’t remember. Too old and losing my mind!

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