The Cafe Irreal’s Spring issue dropped today, and my name is folded between the pixelated pages with my flash fiction piece, 40.

I originally wrote this as a twist story, but couldn’t make it work. Since then, I’ve learned from John Adamus that a twist should surprise the characters more than the readers. Good advice, that.

Anyway, someday I’d like to revisit the idea of chemical limits on communication.

You can check out the story at The Cafe Irreal.

My poetry chapbook is still available, and of course, there’s the Patreon with my writing diary, poetry postcards, audio, and snippets of work-related posts. There’s also a whole page of my published work, most of it available for free. Enjoy!

And, let me know what you thought of 40!


4 thoughts on “40

  1. Re: surprises / twists, that is a nice tip! I’ll keep that one in mind.

    40: powerful and beautifully written. It screams your distinctive style, as well. Top-notch stuff.

  2. i love 40!!!!! chilling and wonderful!
    i so admire that you can do flash. i’m so dang wordy. i just can’t keep it that tight and snappy.

    1. Thank you! I’m tickled you loved it! *happy dance*
      I’m the opposite. I struggle to make minimum word counts, but I’m learning to ground my readers better, and that’s helping.

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