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Okay, time for Jackie and Sharna. Love to you all for hanging in there through these 46 weeks. We are almost to the end of the draft!


Sharna forgot Melody. All she remembered was Jackie’s body protecting her from Edgard’s attack. Jackie, who had no powers, who didn’t even want to be there, but had kept going with Sharna out of loyalty and love. Her best and only friend.

Edgard wasn’t visible, but Sharna reached out with the part of her brain that commanded her magic. The sensation felt similar to the wobble of the Stalk in her palm. A jiggle of potential. A heaviness in space. She didn’t bother with words. There weren’t any words for the fullness of her desire to control every speck of matter so she could blast his ass.

She focused on the tender and slightly out-of-focus part of her mind where she kept wishes and wants. The whole world became golden and clear, and she could see down to the tiniest part of every object, through the walls, out into the countryside and beyond.

Edgard regarded her with a look of pure joy. His blue suit sparkled and rippled. “There. That’s what you are. A Mother. That Mage nonsense was ridiculous and typical of Mother-thinking. Feel better, beautiful?”

“You son of a bitch!” She launched herself into the air and directed a volley of pure anger at Edgard.

“Hey!” He shrank into the shape of a small adorable dog.

Sharna grew into an enormous bear, her jaws dripping with saliva and her eyes red with anger.

Edgard barked once at the bear, and then lifted into a column of stone.

This only served to infuriate Sharna more. She shook her furry right arm, and it shifted into a metal club. Sharna used the bear’s strength to swing with all her might at the column. Bits and pieces of rock sailed across the room.

The column dissolved into a vaporous puff of silver starlight.

Sharna dissolved her own form to mingle with and infiltrate his shivering and glittering sparks. She was still herself, but suddenly she had thousands of edges, all of them aware and sharply focused on the pieces of Edgard. He drifted a few pieces of himself close enough to touch her, and she felt her anger dissolve like her body.

She was small and enormous at once. The two of them mirrored the universe. He was shivers and fear and snow and solid rock. She was sunlight and rain and roots of trees and a quickening pulse.

At some point Edgard reached out with tenderness, and Sharna consented. She wanted to share this new view with someone who understood. They made love in the form of sunshaft and starlight. Seeds dropped like rain onto the dirt of the basement floor.

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