A Look Back

I’m lousy at slowing down to appreciate my own good news. It’s one of those got-it-together-adult skills I never learned. I’m going to practice taking up my own space and making a joyful noise by taking a moment to acknowledge all the creative success I’ve had this year. Thanks for all your encouragement!

I finished a full, polished, no-plot-holes manuscript and sent out queries to agents.

I received two full requests from agents.

I self-published a poetry chapbook, learning the entire process all by myself, and even sold a few copies every month!

I had work accepted for publication four times.

I completed the 30 days of poetry challenge.

I submitted my work 32 times, learning to turn around and resubmit after each rejection.

I completed a full year of sending poetry postcards to patrons, and expanded my offerings for 2018.

I wrote a second full, no-plot-holes manuscript for a novella during NaNoWriMo, and have already sent it to beta.

I wrote one scene every Saturday for a story, always staying a few Saturdays ahead so I can share it as I go on the blog. We’re at 33 out of 52 and still going strong!

I read 70 books, not including 21 books of poetry (and reviewed them all).

I wrote five new short stories good enough to submit. (There were several more I attempted, but still need lots of work.)

I was able to attend two, yes two, writing conventions and meet new people and learn new skills!

The 100+ readers on this blog make every one of those achievements more fun. I love sharing my ups and downs, the new people I’m meeting, the new-to-me ideas I’m finding, and getting to the finish line together. I hope you all have a blessed and safe holiday.

Thanks for reading!


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