4 ‘ologies to re-read in 2018

I’ve started making my 2018 Reading Goal Trello board. Wow, that might be the douchiest thing I’ve ever typed. *takes breath*

The last few years, I’ve tried to re-read book series (series’? series’s?) to see how they hold up or to get refreshed for a new addition to the line. These might not be a re-read for you, and if not…I highly suggest them!

  1. His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

    We own this trilogy, and there are two more books in the world I haven’t read, including one he released this year. (Fun fact: I knit Lyra’s hat after seeing the movie because the crafted costuming in that movie was fabulous.) This was actually on my 2017 list, but I ran out of time.

  2. Memory, Sorrow, Thorn by Tad Williams

    I still have dreams about these books. They are dense, but that’s what makes them stick. He recently released another book in the same world, so I need to get caught up! I sometimes think Williams doesn’t get enough credit for the massive and engaging world-building he masters in. If you like Tolkien or Rothfuss or Martin, you will love these.

  3. The Otherland Series by Tad Williams

    Highly underrated. Incredibly imagined and detailed cyberpunk-Egyptian-mythos-mystery. We own all four hardbacks, and they are a family favorite. I recommend them whenever someone is looking for a new world to get lost in. Seriously, I rated ALL four books 5/5 stars. There are enough pages to last you a whole year.

  4. The Inheritance Trilogy by N. K. Jemisin

    This is a re-read for a different reason. I didn’t love the first one, and because of that, I didn’t pick up the rest of the series to read. I wanted to love it. I guess I still want to love it because I’m going to give it a go again. I think sometimes you have to be in the right place and time for a book to crawl into your heart and mind. We’ll see if the space of four years has changed my view.

*looks back over list*
Tad Williams is on there twice, most of it’s white men, and it’s all fantasy of some kind. If that disappoints you, it’s okay. My 2018 New Reads list totally makes up for it, I promise! Coming soon, so stay tuned…

What ‘ologies would you recommend to a friend?

3 thoughts on “4 ‘ologies to re-read in 2018

  1. At the risk of making comments you won’t like….

    I’ve read both of those Tad Williams works, and more besides (war of flowers comes to mind). In every case, I find Tad has a real talent for scene-building, but also utterly flops on the endings. I decided I don’t like him anymore after my last let-down :O

    So… maybe I should keep my opinions to myself. Oops.

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