Is It Cheating?

Yesterday, I typed ‘the end’ on my Language of the Spirit NaNoWriMo project.

Huzzah, right? Not really. *sound of dying trumpets*

I’m about 7800 words short of the 50K goal.

The story’s done. Beginning, middle, end. Arcs bent over themselves into a lovely rainbow. Tiny subplots that give depth, not distraction. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What more, man?

I am in the process of printing the novella out and going through to see if there are any gaps in sensory detail, world-building to engage, or maybe a character to clothe. Almost 8k is a huge amount to try and stretch like too-small leggings. Let’s be honest, it’s subplot length, but I don’t want to add a subplot if it’s just filler!

I’ve also been continuing my work on the 52Saturdays still-unnamed blog serial. I could use some of that word count toward the NaNo win since it’s still writing, and I did complete a manuscript. Would that be cheating? Is there such a thing as cheating if you’re writing?

Speaking of cheating!

If you find yourself unable to write that last chapter because your brain freezes up, I discovered a hack.

Skip the next-to-last chapter, write the last chapter (which is now not the last chapter), and then write the next-to-last chapter (which also isn’t the last chapter).

Brains are weird.

6 thoughts on “Is It Cheating?

  1. Hmmmm….

    Well I’m sure if you check section 51 of the rules, paragraph 4, this type of thing is covered.

    If it were me… I’d say, “Who cares, you finished a novel! Woohoo!!”

    Well done 🙂

  2. I find myself skipping the order of my stories. Most times, I get stuck writing a story from beginning to end. And sometimes, I get the urge to write a particular scene, even if it’s not in the order that I specified.

  3. i’d be a whole lot less worried about the word count and over the moon at having completed a work that is……
    not so sure about the brain hack, but i do have to go out of order sometimes in order to jumpstart myself.
    i should be doing that right now since i’m in a … grrr…. not-writing phase. i hate them.
    lemme ask you something- do you add denouements to your pieces? i love them and put ’em in almost every time, but my critique group suggested on my last submitted piece that it was fine, but worked just as well without.
    it’s a darling that’s very hard to kill, but i’m trying to make myself contemplate it.

    1. Do you mean a few final chapters tying up loose ends or more like based-on-true-crime narrative like:
      Bailey served two more years at Beacon State before being released for good conduct. She now breeds porgs and volunteers at her local animal shelter.?

        1. Oh, those are fun to do. I understand why you have the urge. I tired with this on my historical fantasy, but ultimately went with one focused, emotional chapter from the main pov character.
          I think if it fits with the tone of the rest of the piece, it’s probably fine. It could become your signature epilogue! 😊

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