A Game of Firsts

Some of you participating in NaNoWriMo might have enough chapters to play this game. If not, hold it in your pocket as a future way to play with your project.

WARNING: Don’t use it as an excuse to go back and start editing!

Intisar Khanani, whose indie debut Thorn was recently picked up by HarperTeen (whoohoo!), gave me this idea over on her author page on Facebook. List the first sentence of each of your WIPs chapters and see which are your favorites. Which ones pull you in and make you curious or feel an emotion?

Feel free to vote for your favorite in the comments. (or to tell me where you think I can do better!)

Here are mine so far for Language of the Spirit, my NaNo project this year.

  1. Maybell gave one small cry, part pain, part joy, before the child slipped out into the crisp air of fall.
  2. She was eating breakfast in her suite when the summons came two years later.
  3. Cian started at the Museum of Fine Arts and Fripperies in Bartholomew’s City.
  4. Now that the docent’s theory about the stone was confirmed, Cian gathered ingredients for the seeking spell.
  5. Cian’s suite was a series of rooms with her spell room at the farthest end.
  6. Before Cian could form an answer to Margaret’s question, they both heard a shrill bosun’s whistle.
  7. Language comes in many forms.
  8. The border between Aubade and the South at Fasil was unremarkable.
  9. How was she to choose?
  10. That night, Cian and Kathesh shared a tent.
  11. For the first time since they traveled together, Cian caught Kathesh wide-eyed and frightened.
  12. The Royal and Spirit bond can only be broken by death.
  13. The dance for a child, for a life, a dance that encompasses the hopes and dreams of an expectant mother requires nothing but positive thoughts.
  14. Prince Damian called Cian to his rooms the day after she and Kathesh had woven a wish for a child.

I can spot a few I’ll be changing. But not yet! First, I have to get to the end of this draft. I like #9 because it shows how the first act will end on a decision. Cool, huh?

Good luck to those participating, and may your words continue to carry you forward!

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