Do You Know?

Greetings from the third day of NaNoWriMo! I’m chugging along nicely, avoiding the middle mush (I wrote ahead in case of emergencies) with an outline, and using eye drops as often as you are probably eating your kids’ Halloween candy. Uh-huh, I said it.

Jackie and Sharna have found an artist to capture their style! I have seen the preliminary sketches, and I’m excited to share once it’s ready. I’ve also got two more interviews planned for November, so check back often!

Do You Know?

When Birdie left, Jackie said, “You were brilliant! Now, we’ve got a chance at what we need to make the plan work.”

“Broken bones and a murder charge?”

Jackie ignored the sarcasm and pressed on. “You told me we couldn’t grow the Stalks because they’re too big and the Doe Mothers would find us right away. Well, if anyone can help us find a place to grow them in secret, it’s someone like Birdie.”

“Why wouldn’t she just turn us over to the Wave Guards? Or, better yet…collect my reward for getting the Stalks back and finding the thief who took them?” Sharna evidently took no joy in this question the way she would have a day before. She wasn’t bantering, she was truly asking, and Jackie felt a flare of hope.

“Because we can bring her more information and riches than she’d ever earn counting cards and tilting tables.”

“Lovely that. If she’s such a cheat, what’s to stop her from turning us over once we’ve paid her? We’d be on the run forever, Jackie. Oh, stars. We’re always going to be on the run, aren’t we?” She started to cry.

Jackie bit her lip against her pain to slide close enough to take Sharna’s hand. “I’m sorry.” She was used to being part of a team, but still being capable and competent in her own right. Jewels relied on each other’s abilities. Having Sharna as a friend was like being part of a tiny jewel. “I owe you my life. Thank you again for saving me last night.”

Sharna wiped at her tears. “I couldn’t let him kill you.”

“Well, you could have, and I’m thanking you for that excellent decision.”

Sharna smiled, and more tears ran down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry for tangling you up in my mess, but now is our chance to make it better. We might be on the run forever, but we’ll be rich enough to enjoy it.”

This made Sharna cry harder. Jackie tried again. “Don’t you want to see other places? Get away from it all and explore the world? You know they say there are islands where animals talk. And ones where people are the color of the sky and live inside the trees! All we need is enough money for a ship! We could sail away, and leave all of our troubles behind.”

Sharna stopped crying and tilted her head at Jackie. “Wait. What did you say? Repeat that.”

“Repeat what? Blue people inside trees?”

“No, no.” She impatiently waved her hand. “The part about sailing away!”

Jackie repeated, “We…could sail…away…?”

Sharna smacked her hands together and laughed. She wasn’t paying attention to Jackie anymore, but she was still talking. “A ship! It might work. If we could sail it far enough away from Medlare. They’d never know. Of course…” Her eyes narrowed and she swung around to face Jackie again.

“Do you know?”

“Do I know what?” Jackie had never seen the Mage so intense. Her whole body was engaged in whatever plan was mixing up in that head of hers. It was oddly beautiful. Is that how I look when I hatch a scheme? No wonder Ty sticks with me!

Sharna huffed at her. “Do you know how much weight a ship can carry?”

“Like cargo? I’m sure someone at the docks would know. But, why?”

Sharna put her hands on her hips with a triumphant smile. “Because I know where we can grow the Stalks, and no one will find us.”

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  1. Hmmmmmm.
    Sounds like they do not have a new business partner, then. A grow house at sea? A grow-ship? Should I stop guessing at what’s next? I’m always doing that with books :p

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